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    Beside just asking questions or putting my two cents worth in, I like to make most of my comments and contributions so that others can learn something. Whether it be to show some new technique, some mistake others should not make, or even just where to look somewhere else.

    I know the blogs are new, and maybe not a lot of people are aware of theme yet. I have jumped in, hoping that some of the things I put down might be of use to some others. In the normal forums there is an indicator of how many hits there have been on a particular topic. This is very useful to see if what people are talking about are of general interest or not.

    On the blogs it would be good to have a similar "number of hits" counter. Then the people making blogs might see if they are being useful (if that is their intent) or if they are of interest (if that is their intent). It is more of someone writing and other reading, rather than a discussion like on the normal forums, so it is a bit hard to see if what you are writing is for any benefit.


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    Unfortunately there is no counter available (that I know of for) this version of the blogs. Hopefully it will be something that will become available with newer versions of the blog program.

    Cheers - Neil

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