Ronseal filler & hardener / rot in Cyprus post

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    Default Ronseal filler & hardener / rot in Cyprus post

    Hello we have some stumps under our deck that have a small bit of rot. They are Cyprus pine. 150mm square. Buried about 200mm deep in soil. 10 years old. The rest of the wood is unaffected and the post is still very sturdy & structurally sound. Aimed to use ronseal hardener and filler, and then use in ground paste to coat before backfilling. Unfortunately we can't seem to get ronseal products in Australia. Thoughts on an alternative / overall fix? Thank you!

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    Doesn't look like anyone replied to you and I'm sure you found something to use yourself, this is what I use if i am repairing wood to paint, sets strong pretty fast then can be sanded back to match primed and painted. If the picture doesn't come through its called Agnew's water putty. I'm sure there are a few pro's on here that use something better but I have never had an issue with this for general repair that will be painted

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