Here’s one for the moderators to consider - a sub forum for community projects.

I’m sure that there are lots of forum members involved in doing voluntary work for non profit organisations, charities, schools and other community groups who could use an extra hand or help from people who have skills in other areas such as plumbing, electrical, plaster, metal work etc. Or if really necessary find people who would be prepared to do work at “mates” rates.

Also suppliers willing to donate materials and services or supply at “cost”

By way of example here are two projects that I’m currently working on.

Edgar’s Mission is a not for profit sanctuary for neglected, abused and discarded farm animals. It is located just outside Kilmore (Vic) about 60 kms from Melbourne.

I have been working there (most weekends and holidays etc) for about 2 years doing all of the usual things around a farm including fencing, building and machinery maintenance. Construction of sheds, animal shelters etc. Now I am about to commence a total renovation of the residence and could use some help with plastering, plumbing and electrical work as well as an extra hand or two to help with all the usual bits and pieces that goes with a renovation.

There are plans to build a new barn & education centre when enough money has been raised.

However like most community projects money is pretty tight as most of it goes to food, water and vet services for the animals. The sanctuary survives on donations and the hard work of volunteers. There are no paid staff working on the farm.

The second project is working with Friends of the Earth in South Melbourne. Welcome to the South Melbourne Commons | Friends of the Earth Melbourne

The site will feature, a cafe, food cooperative, grocery store & deli with a weekly Saturday Eco Market operation starting later in the year. Weekly workshops and community activities will be a common occurrence. The plans also include organic veggie gardens around the outside
Most of the alterations and renovations are happening inside the original school buildings which are subject to heritage overlays. Apart from the heritage aspect FOE is trying to recycle as much as possible plus give priority to green and/or sustainable materials. All of which makes for interesting and challenging work.

The project needs help from most trades. There are willing volunteers but unfortunately most lack the skills and qualifications necessary to do the work unsupervised.

I have no doubt that there are lots and lots of these types of projects going on all over this big brown land and also have no doubts that there are a whole lot of forum members (renovators and woodworkers) who are already involved or would like to be involved with community based projects.

I just thought that this could be a good place to start.