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Adding an extra Storey to a Single Storey Brick house

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    Default Adding an extra Storey to a Single Storey Brick house

    Hi Everyone this is our first post. We are considering adding an extra level to our small three bedroom house that is only 5 year old. We want two bedrooms ensuited bathroom and if possible a sitting room, upstairs. The house has a colorbond roof. Has anyone done this? and if so did you how much did it cost and did it increase value? We live on the Sunshine coast.

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    Yes these are fairly easy, cost will start at around $200k to whatever you want to spend depending on the finish you are after.

    Can't comment on will it add value to your house as I don't know the QLD market, in Sydney Yes, we have done a lot and every one has added more value than it cost to do it.

    Check the real estate for your local area, compare what you want , ie 4 bed 2 bath etc and see what equivalent houses are going for, work out a price then you will know if it adds value.

    If you intend on living there for many years it doesn't matter if it adds value straight away as it should in the future.

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    but going up is generally more expensive than going out on the same level so unless you have a particular reason to go up (to capture a view, restricted block size or easements etc) then you will get more for your money by extending out not up. A good idea is to drive around and see if there are houses you like the look of and use magazines and google to look at plans and layouts that are not too far removed form the scale of your place. Once you have some ideas then worth having a paid session with an architect pr draftsperson - as always best if you can use one who has been recommended by someone whose opinion you value and preferably whose work you can go to see.
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