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Any Advice Please for Renovating

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    Default Any Advice Please for Renovating

    I have had drawings done for my reno - unfortunately my designer, who was to oversee the complete project has now pulled out. Does anyone have any advice as to what order I need to do things in if I decide to project manage myself.
    We need a new bedroom and laundry built on before we take out an existing wall making the old bedroom and laundry part of the living area. I have obtained quotes for the patios, pool and landscaping, none of which can be commenced until the new additions are finished. Will I need to register as an owner-builder. Any advice would be appreciated

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    Do you really want to oversee the project yourself? It may be cheaper and will certainly be a lot less stressful to give the whole job to a builder. I know thatthings are pretty busy over there (like here) and that it's hard to get good tradesmen. It will be easier for a builder to get good tradesmen to turn up on time (if at all) than it will for you.

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    Hi There.

    My advice would be that you really gotta want to do it for one reason or another. You sound sort of like you are only doinging because you haven't found anyone else ... you need to be sure you have the drive and your marriage can handle what is required to complete it.

    That said ... It's quite possible. There are a lotta lotta of bits to a house ... an Allen Stains construction book would get you off on the right track but you're quotes might be a little outdated by the time you get to that stage!

    Plenty of people here to help if you do jump in the deep end.

    Not sure about Owner Builder requirements in WA ... but I'm sure you will have to register as a minimum.

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    Not sure about where you are (WA?) but here in NSW you need an owner builder permit, and if you're spending more than $12,000 you need to do a course. If that's the case over there, then look around for a decent owner builder course and you should pick up what you need to know to get started. Don't just do a rubber stamp one (like I did), go and do an attendance course at your TAFE or wherever.

    You wont learn much about building a house, but you will learn about all the insurance and legal requirements and if it's a decent one will give you a run down of trades and what to do first. The one I did was very thin on details - it was done by mail - but I just needed the bit of paper to satisfy the council. However, they did provide a free hot line that you could ring if you had any problems or questions. Never used it but it was there.
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    Do the TAFE course.

    Housing Industry Australia HIA should have some info too on owner building if you want to get some tips and ideas.

    Check your local council on your obligations and requirements to satisfy them - they should have some brochures.

    If you have no idea of the building process - good luck I only hope you have tradesmen that are recommended to you by people who have used them and are satisfied with their experience - don't go in cold just to a telephone book; And expect to pay extra for good operators they are in demand anywhere.


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    Quote Originally Posted by NewAtIt View Post
    Does anyone have any advice as to what order I need to do things in if I decide to project manage myself.
    I know this sounds harsh, but put simply; if you need this advice, you are not capable of managing the project.

    A course will help of course, but without experience in the industry, you will almost certainly spend more money than it would cost to get a builder in.

    If you want to pursue it as a means of attaining self-satisfaction, do so by all means, but don't if it's going to cause you heartache!



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    I agree - do you want an extension or a qualification? If you really wanna learn how to be a project manager (god help you) then go an git edukumated fer it .... if you really only want to have a nicer, more liveable home and don't plan on doing project management for a living or for yourself in the near future, then dedicate yourself to selection of an appropriately experienced and insured builder ... and study their references
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