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Can you remove parts of ceiling battens?

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    Default Can you remove parts of ceiling battens?

    I'm looking to install in ceiling speakers in my theater room conversion. Having now marked all the ideal placements of the 4 speakers, I have run into a snag where the placement of one row conflicts with a ceiling batten.

    Is it safe to cut away a portion of the batten to accomodate the placement of the speakers? They are the steel furring channel kind.

    Before anyone says "just move it to a different spot", it's ideal in home theater speaker layout to follow recommended placements and symmetry. Important for both aesthetics and acoustic performance. Should I move the offending row of the speakers to be clear of the battens, the relative affect on the opposite row instead causes those speakers to conflict with a batten on the other side! Offsetting the alignment to not conflict at any point is a big compromise that I'm not willing to accept yet.

    While poking around in the ceiling, I saw that whoever installed the downlights and evap cooling ceiling vent also cut portions of the batten away to fit them. So my thought is that it won't be big deal right? The ceiling has been going strong for near 20 years...

    Can anyone give me their thoughts?

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    Should be ok but be careful of wires etc when cutting the holes and battens.

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