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Confused. Help needed-colour selection

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    Default Confused. Help needed-colour selection

    Hi all,

    For starters I really don't know where I should be putting this query...
    Just had the roof repaired, resealed and repainted.
    Different colour to that originally and don't know if we made a very big and expensive mistake, or whether it is just the initial shock of seeing something completely different.
    Went with the heat reflective paint and of course unable to go keep the original dark colour, so chose the light grey.
    Not sure now, whether we cut our losses and pay to have the roof painted back to a darker colour or if anyone can suggest some way of bringing the roof colour down to the house itself (ie: change door colour, pillars to match, even add large garden pots in same colour). Any suggestions more than welcome.
    Does this look odd to you?
    I have tried to photo shop it on the computer, but I can't see all that well through the tears of disappointment
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails old-roof1.jpg   new-roof1.jpg  

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    Default Tile colour

    G'day Madrat

    We've all mad mistakes in renovations, the kinda things you just want to unwind but don't want to face it .... but this ain't it.

    By the look of the photos, I don't think you have a problem. By all means add a complementary grey pots, doors, whatever, but I think in principle it looks quite fine.

    So I think the problem is in your head or that of SWMBO ...which of course means it is a substantial problem!

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    Hi Madrat,

    I agree with Compleat A.

    It looks fine. If you go round your neighbourhood, you will see houses similar to yours with light grey, dark grey, mid blue, dark blue, black, orangy red, red, maroon with purple. And they look fine depending on your preference. A brick house is reasonably neutral, so doesn't clash with most roof colours. If you have painted rendered exterior walls, then matching becomes more of an issue.

    You are probably used to the colour you had, which is a dark purplish blue/black (possibly "midnight"?). As you & CA mentioned, changing some components (columns, trim) to light grey will help tie in the colour to the house.

    Do that, then tell yourself it's actually nice. And after a few months, you'll not even think about it.


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    What they said.

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    Thanks so much for your encouragement.
    I must admit when I saw I had responses I had prepared myself for being shot down with "what the hell were you thinking!!"
    So relieved that you didn't do that.
    You are right, as I was telling my hubby that if we were to drive around and saw our house as it is now, without knowing what it was, we would never have given it a second thought.
    As I left for work this morning, I had another look and it didn't seem so bad, however, the sun had just come up and I could barely see it.
    In my case, CA, it's HWMBO who might have the substantial problem.
    Hubby says it still makes him sick in the guts when he looks at it
    I think it might be best to try and tie in the colours with the previous suggestions and see where we go from there.
    After all, it has only been 48hrs since it was done....
    Thanks so much again to both of you.
    At least I feel a little bit better thanks to you.

    I have just edited to thank Oldbloss as well, as I was replying when he posted his.
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