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converting our garage - a couple of questions

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    Default converting our garage - a couple of questions

    Good morning,

    Whilst not strictly a structual reno, hoping i can get a few things clarified.

    We have a double garage which is ajoining the house and are looking to convert it into a living space. (house is a 1980's brick veneer)

    These questions are relating to some common issues that come up with converting a space to a livable area.

    - The slab for the garage steps down 50mm from the rest of the house, and the ceiling height in the garage is 2450. So we are fine with regards to the minimum ceiling height. I cut a small hole in the slab and have confirmed that a plastic moisture barrier is installed under the slab, so that ticks that off.
    So onto the questions;
    - is there any reason to increase the slab height in the garage other than to remove the 50mm trip hazard? Whilst we could do this if required, it would add considerable expense to the project, and i can come up with cheaper options to remove a trip hazard.

    - relating to the above, the driveway outside the garage has fall away from the garage to a strip drain. we have never had water enter the garage, is more required to prevent water ingress? there is a large eave which covers the garage door entrance.

    - regarding the garage doors, i am looking at replacing them (1 or both) with with either windows or bi-fold doors. They are arched doorways, would this be a matter of installing a lintel to remove the arch and potentially bricking up and excessive gaps?

    I am fine with the rest of the requirements, ie, waterproofing, insulating walls and double lining. I am an electrician so have that aspect covered.

    Am i missing anything major before i take the planning to the next stage?


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    ...dont know of anything specific but your point 3 will be covered off by your point 4 - removal of garage doors and construction of wall, window, door etc and the construction requirements around an external wall (I would have thought )

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    They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which means so far you've posted about 1/3rd of a question, which is no excuse for me posting a 1/0th of an answer.
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    double check with your council about removing the garage doors? some get a bit funny about it so I think people remove one and just frame up the inside of the other.
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    When you say you are fine with the waterproofing and lining requirements, have you got a compliant method which eliminates the need for a slab edge rebate? Normally brick veneer has the edge of the slab set down and some dpc/ flashing installed to direct water to weep holes, and away from the concrete floor. I was always under the impression that this was a key difference between habitable and non habitable areas and that creating this rebate was the main reason to raise the slab when converting a garage. There definitely could be other ways to achieve compliant waterproofing but maybe worth looking into

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