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Council regulations?

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    Default Council regulations?

    We are wanting to put a carport up out the front of our house. Where do we go for what the council regs are? Eg how far from front boundry can the carport go etc.

    I, for the life of me, cannot find anyhting on Thuringowas website. Is there a book I can buy?


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    Good luck with contacting anyone from Thuringowa as well! The building Surveyors don't answer calls, they just go through the switch and "get back to you!"

    Under the Building Code provisions, you can get a relaxation to build a carport against the front and side boundaries, UNLESS it's prohibited by a local by-law.

    It has to be a carport with no more than 25% (or thereabouts) of the sides enclosed. (you can't sneak back later and enclose it)

    Try phoning Council and asking to speak with a building surveyor. It may take a few calls, now that I think about it, they must have a local guy, go for him rather than head office... and it's a lot cheaper than forking out for a copy of the Building Code!

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    Our local council has a document titled Residential Development which I downloaded from their website. It covers all the requirements including minimum setbacks etc for each zoning. Maybe yours has a similar document?
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    Don't know about Queensland but this is the one for the NSW LEP's for all the Councils. http://www.legislation.nsw.gov.au/ma...inforce/NONE/0
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