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Double brick vs single brick+gyprock... which is better for sound insulation?

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    Default Double brick vs single brick+gyprock... which is better for sound insulation?

    Hi folks,

    We're enclosing our garage and making it into a rumpus / music room. We will be doing some music recording in the room sometimes, and want to keep outside noises out.

    To make the garage into a room, we are simply closing in the front aperture where the garage door is currently - with brick, dual doors with insulation, and double-glazed windows that don't open.

    My question is this - are we best to go with single brick, followed by a thick layer of sound insulating material, and then thick-grade gyprock for this wall, or should we go with double brick? Of these two options, which is more likely to keep sound out effectively? In particular, we want to keep traffic noise to a minimum.

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can give!


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    Default Double brick vs single brick+gyprock... which is better for sound insulation?

    Hi Mike,

    I donít think it covers off double brick, however if you go to the website of CSR Gyprock, search and download their Red Book. This will give you acoustic ratings for a large number of walling systems which will enable you to see what impact different insulation and lining will have.

    It will not be a one stop answer but with a bit of work you should get a reasonable idea of what you need.
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    Mike you need to buy a copy of Rod Gervais' book 'Build it like the Pros - DIY studio' before you do anything else! It is the bible of home studio design and there is an unfathomable amount of specifics when it comes to isolating sound. Despite this, Rod writes clearly and simply, so it doesn't feel overwhelming. Trust me, get the book now before you go down a path that might feel right, but doesn't get you anywhere near the sound isolation you wanted.

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    And yet many fine albums were recorded on low end gear in cheap hotel rooms and other places.
    The book sounds like a well spent $60- tho; and better to do it right the first time but don't forget it's about the music not the recording.
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    Rumble from traffic is very hard to deal with. Mass is your best friend - definitely double brick, double (as in inner and outer) solid doors with airtight seals all round, and 10mm / 6mm laminated glass in your window with the panes at an angle to each other. Don't forget the ceiling may need treatment as well - at the very least heavy Rockwool insulation as thick as you can manage with no gaps. And read the book recommended above.
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