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Joining Bearers

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    Default Joining Bearers

    It has just been pointed out to me that I need to join 2 bearers together. One is supported by a post only 750mm away, This bearer is 150x80. It iver laps the other bearer (230x75) by 400mm.

    Do i need to put a post under or can I bolt these 2 together and it will support the floor above. Currently there is no bounce in the floor so i can assume it is doing its job at this stage.

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    Best practise would tell you to support the join with a stump. However...at this distance...one could argue that bolting the existing bearers together would be sufficient.

    Another option is to fit a new section that spans across both existing stumps and is then bolted to both existing bearers...thus offering potential to transfer the load back to the stumps rather than loading the join. It's just a bit more of a fiddle but a lot less than installing a new stump.
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    A few things. AS1684 states that all joins in bearers shall occur over a support ( post/stump). However, in your case you may be able to do it differently. If you find out what the allowable cantilever is for the bearer that overhangs the post ( usually half the back span) you may be fine to bolt the two together. Or bolt in a new bearer right through post to post as SBD suggested.

    A bit more info would be good too. Is it a deck / verandah ? If so, how high, roofed etc... and a picture speaks a thousand words.

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    I'd be running a new bearer between posts (and supported on posts at both ends) and bolting to the two existing bearers.
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