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Lintel overhang too short. Advice?

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    Default Lintel overhang too short. Advice?

    Hi everyone,
    I am in the process of doing a kitchen reno and have hit a stumbling block.
    I want to knock down a short wall (built on another lintel and indirectly supporting other components that are hopefully going to be demolished- eg. oven walls) below a lintel supporting about three courses of bricks spanning about two metres. The lintel passes over this wall that I want to get rid of, and is "supported" by two full height internal walls. I had the to-be-demo'd walls checked by a builder and was told that they are ok to remove, but I have had second thoughts after finding that the lintel only overhangs one of the full height internal wall by about 9-10mm!!
    I jumped onto the roof and checked it out from there and could see that there is another lintel coming off this same internal wall on the other side (supporting a window) with even less overhang (6-7mm). Is this normal???
    Most importantly, is there a way of having these two lintels "joined" so that the wall is actually supporting the lintels properly? and hopefully I can remove the short wall? I hope this makes sense!
    Thanks for your thoughts,
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