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major cracks wall & ceiling - how to fix?

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    Default major cracks wall & ceiling - how to fix?

    Hi, my friend got a single storey strata unit (block of 5). The walls (both outside and inside) and ceilings have many cracks, almost all area in the unit. The floors are also uneven. The unit is on concrete stumps and there are many trees around the unit. Council told him that it was built around 1985/86 (very old).

    He is searching for options to fix the wall/ceiling/floor and prevent it from happening again.
    I assume renovation will be less expensive that rebuilding the unit, will that be correct?

    Do I tell him to just google "renovation near melbourne"? or should he hire structural engineer for advise on what to do?


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    Some photos would help, but it does sound like he should get an engineer or building inspector to have a look

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    Might be different in Melbourne/Vic but external walls on Strata units are usually the Strata Management's problem.
    Sounds like foundations to me.
    Are any of the other units in the complex having problems?

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    Has your friend just bought the place?

    Are the internal walls made of plasterboard or rendered brick?

    We really need to see photos (from a distance so we can see where the cracks are in relation to the room, doors, windows etc).

    Please include measurements about the width of the cracks and if they have opened up/closed up over the past year.

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