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    Default Managing an extension

    Happy weekend everyone.

    Iím looking for advice on commencement of building a medium sized extension in Adelaide. The house is a 1900 villa with a daggy 30sqm southern facing lean to. We intend on repurposing this area as bathroom, laundry etc, adding a 50sqm multipurpose single room for kitchen and living behind it, with a carport to the side.

    Alongside an architect we have developed a concept that is now being moved through drafting and considering a private certifier, and council initial application. Ideal timing is commencing construction next year. We intend on moving out for this. We are hedging bets for delays and not being ambitious with respect to ďmust be done byĒ and have somewhere to live for the duration.

    Iíve approached a few smaller builders locally whose work looks good or who people have recommended. The figures and ideas are drastically varied, but ďcost plusĒ seems to be the way this is done.
    We have used a carpenter/builder previously who has done major work within our family including second story additions, and I approached them about this. I have trust and respect for this person.
    They have expressed a keenness about the project but have lost faith in some of their go-to people within some of the trades after some have retired, and based on this have expressed reluctance to be the nominated builder. This feels like the situation another builder with a kid that was starting up a business might engage in, with the kid taking the contract, and dad on site. Only he has no kids or apprentice.

    We have used most trades required in various previous projects, except cabinetry and bathroom tiling.

    The carpenter/builder has said they can project manage on site and work with me on timing and organising everything, as well as manage carpentry.

    Iím not sure about how this works. Implied here is that I would be an owner builder, as no one is going to put their license on the line and pass management to a third party and trades not known to them.

    Iím not experienced in building management but have other project skills and am fairly good on the tools myself.

    As far as SA owner building goes, what steps are practically required if we were to self manage the process? I realise we would need a certifier. Is this even a realistic option?

    I posted this elsewhere on the forum but reading some threads here it seems better placed here.


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    I typed owner builder in South Australia and got this straight up.


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