Afternoon gents -

I'm in the Perth foothills - a local roofing carpenter recently quoted me for a free-standing carport frame, approx 7.3m wide x 7m long. Just checking his specs with your combined knowledge;

The carpenter has specified MGP10 timber;
190x45mm ridge
140x45mm collar ties and rafters
360x60mm laminated beam over the 7.3m entrance (and presumably all the way around)

I'm going to finish with the Monier cement tiles that the main house (40yrs old) is tiled with, and have the whole roof repointed and restored once its complete.

The Missus wants the heavy timber poles as uprights (10inch?) to avoid the 'roof on skinny stilts' look.
These will need stirrups to hold the pole base and bolt into the reinforced concrete pad (100mm thick, 300mm thick at the seven pole points).

Does this all sound about right?
Do I need to specify the stirrup, and anchor bolts?
How is the MGP10 for termite resistance? (We get quite a few flying queens in summer)
The carpenter is not a registered builder - is this an issue? - the whole job is about 7K for the frame and flashing/guttering (tiling to be done separately).