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Old farm house - Q. on original wall lining / boards and studs

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    Default Old farm house - Q. on original wall lining / boards and studs

    So we did a thing as we will be starting some renovations in about 6 weeks and would like some feedback / assistance on finding out a bit of info on the original setup of our house and a technical question on wall studs / connection to sub-floor.

    We will be looking to restump the floors with the help from a couple of carpenters for the stumping part.

    As far as the walls go, it appears the house was renovated around 15-20yrs ago and they've done some very interesting things. Like plaster in the original timber lined walls and 100yr old odd entry door frame.

    1). What would the original wall configuration have been ? any links to where i could find some info on how it would have looked ?
    2). It seems the walls were timber lined and then wallpaper was added, would the original farm house have had timber lined walls ? what would this roughly date to ?
    3). Any ideas on the type and age of the wallpaper, it seems to have a coloured fleck to it as the gold and green are shiny and also the wallpaper is newspaper backed, looks like old real estate ads.. this might have been added on later over the original wall boards.
    4). We will be pulling all the floor boards out, will the original wall studs have been fixed straight through to the joists ? there doesn't seem to be a bottom plate like a modern house, the floor boards seem to be notched around the studs which makes me think they go straight through to the joists. This is the most important question as we will be pulling up all the floor boards (there are lots of them damaged) and most likely replacing the bearers and joists at the same time, if the walls are supported by the joists we will most likely leave the original skeleton in place and add a new skeleton in around it, then remove the old bearers and joists if we need to in order to have a level floor setup.

    Any info would be appreciated.
    Where studs go through the timber floor boards and timber wall lining boards on the other side (this photo is from the hallway, the wall on the other side is a bedroom with plasterboard over the timber boards as well)
    I don't know what they've done here, pulled off and relaid wall boards to use as a means to fix the plaster to ?
    Close up of old wall boards
    Wallpaper with green and gold fleck
    Old wallpaper - newspaper backing

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    I'm no expert but here's my 2 cents:

    We did up a house with very similar wall lining boards in some rooms (6" wide, same type of profile, ours were hoop pine or similar), the were installed horizontally floor to ceiling, with an 8 cedar" skirting board (basic lambs tongue profile often called "colonial"). and a small timber cornice at the top. The period in which that type of construction was common seems to vary a bit by region, however the house I'm talking about was 1895-1905 in Newcastle.

    Some of our lining boards were riddled with borer, maybe that's why half of yours are gone and soe of those remaining have been spread out as framework for plasterboard??

    Our studs also went through the floor and were notched into the bearers, not the joists - if thats the case and you need to level your floors maybe you can make things a whole lot simpler by leaving bearers and hence the wall supports in place, and only replacing the joists and floorboards



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    I had those lining boards in a reno in Fremantle, dated 1902.
    mine were Baltic pine.
    some rooms had jarrah boards on the walls.
    I would guess those spaced boards are where they have removed them and then relaid some as "battens" for the gyprock - a bit like lathe & plaster style.

    my framing was a bit more traditional with a bottom plate, but it did vary, especially in the lean too kitchen area - the joists didn't reach the end bearer at one end and were floating! These were under the kitchen cupboards.

    I take it you can't get under the house at any point to get a better idea?
    I would just take up some boards and have a look underneath. You might find the construction "technique" varies from room to room tho.

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