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Recess to robe ...

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    Default Recess to robe ...

    Hello All

    I would like a little advise, please as to how hard it is convert an open recess to a robe? I'm in the process of having a house built in Madeley Perth, and opted not to have the builder charge me the extra to have robes & a linen cupboard made, so left them as open recesses (ran out of funds !!) I naiviey thought I could get it done cheaper?! Hmmm I think I may have made a huge mistake?!

    Just been quoted $500 for just a door and each recess needs two doors (swing space is not big enough for a single door)

    Can the resess be converted retrospective to the house being finished - a helpful guy at bunnings said I could gyptrock the top piece (ceiling to door frame), install a door frame for less than a $100.

    Does anybody know if this will work? or even if it is a good idea?

    Or does anybody have any other ideas - obviously it is far to late to change my mind as the building company says I can't speak to the forman, and as they have already started the building - oustside walls, window frames and lintels are in place??

    Anyway appreciate any advise

    Nikki (aka Devon67)

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    Depending on the price reduction I guess, but surely you could just tell them you've changed your mind and want them to do the robes. $500 for a single door tells me whoever you spoke to doesn't want the job - get a very basic estimate from a couple of built in robe companies .... I think they will be able to give you a rough guide over the phone

    -- Finally, and this is NOT a criticism: it can be a real challenge when clients decide after signing off on contract, to change things - often companies make much of their margins on the finishing items, so when they're removed it erodes what they make. Also, once a contract price is agreed, builders then order or pre-order many of the items for a project, so cancelling can cost them money. I am sure you would not do any of this next bit: but some clients even ask for things like the bricks to be changed, or different kitchens to be installed and go ballistic when the builder either says no, or tells them what the changes will cost.

    Finally, what style is your home? If you were going to go with sliding doors on your robes, in a very chic minimalist style, I might suggest getting imitation Shoji screens made http://www.shoji.com.au/products-fixedwalls.htm - they look great and if the right 'panels' are installed in them, you can add a timer on their internal lights (if you put them in) so after you've used the robe the light remains on softly behind the screens.
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    Quote Originally Posted by devon67 View Post
    Can the resess be converted retrospective to the house being finished
    Yes, but you've gone from a simple 'extra bit of framing' exercise to a 'cut frame to fit, install with minimum damage to existing plasterboard, cut into skirtings, replaster, new skirtings, new cornice, repaint' exercise...like from one-two hours extra to three-four-five hours extra!

    See if you can get them to do it, unless you are keen to DIY....
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    Default Recess to Robe - Thank you

    Thank you both for replying ... I do appreciate it.

    I'm feeling a little more confident that I might not have bitten of more than I can chew, going to a friend of a friend who is a cabinet maker at the weekend - so will get quotes for doors.

    Master Splinter: Thank you for your advise, my father is coming to visit end of the year so might just save that job for him !! Don't have skirting - they collect so much dust - it's a personal choice. ,

    Seriph1 - love that idea particularly the one's that sink back into the wall ... which knowing me are probably the most expensive - might go ok on the theatre room entrance!!

    So something definately worth thinking about.

    Have a great day !!

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