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Roof extension with larger rafters

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    Default Roof extension with larger rafters

    We are extending a roof on an old house. The old rafters are all 3 x 2s notched onto the top plate. The engineer has specified notched 7 x 2s for the new bit. How can we do this? If you notch the 7 x 2s to match the height of the older timber you have a notch that cuts more than halfway through the rafter. We were hoping to have the extension's ceiling height match the existing ceiling height with square set gyprock. And of course wanted the roof to marry in with the existing roof.

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    firstly a pic/photo always helps, assuming you are putting on a skillion roof? Or you are pitching a roof? The notching at the top plate is this the birdsmouth on the end of the rafter? Are trusses an option?
    What span are you talking about and grade of timber? You can always use a different timber grade to reduce the rafter height, even use LVL's etc at a higher cost of course. More info needed.

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