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Sunken wall coupled to roof framing

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    Default Sunken wall coupled to roof framing

    Hi all,

    Renovating a 1900s Victorian weatherboard. Have a brick party wall that has sunken 40mm from fireplace level at one end and 160mm from fireplace level at other end (wall is 4m from end to end). Planning to have the wall underpinned and the floor restumped. It doesn’t look like the wall can be jacked up because the footing is only bricks on 300mm of non reinforced concrete. Not a problem for the floor, can just run a new bearer next to the wall. Issue is the ceiling and roof framing are supported by the wall too. Ceiling joists are pocketed in and box gutter sits on wall too (need to check what rafters are doing). How do I uncouple the framing and wall? One idea is to put up a temp stud wall next to the brick wall (sitting on floor joists and going to ceiling joists), cut the ceiling joist about 50mm from the wall, jack it all up and restump, attach a ledger board to the wall and hang the joists, then pack under or redo the box gutter. Thoughts?


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    I've decided that a ledger board probably isn't the go and will instead remove the brick courses sitting above the ceiling joists, jack up the framing, pack under the top plate that the joists are secured to, and then lay the courses on top again. Looks like I'll use about $400 worth of 90x45 MGP10 that I can reuse elsewhere (the wall is actually 8m not 4m). Any thoughts on the approach or alternatives? Need some photos?

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