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veranda/patio design help please

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    Question veranda/patio design help please

    Hi all
    Now that i have sucessfully finished me deck out the front .
    (Thank to all that provided help it was greatly appriciated )

    The boss wants me to start on the veranda /patio out the back .
    It was going to be made by a patio company with patio tube but as it will be lined with either villaboard or plasterboard down the track i have been told that it would be better and cheaper to make it all out of timber .
    So now it's my job to do , with help from my neighbour .

    The plan is to make the veranda an extension of the existing roof which is over my back room ,laundry . ( skillion roof ) basically continue the roof outward .
    Similar to what the last owner ''tried" to do .
    Who said 70 x 45 non treated timber can't span 3.3m with shade cloth on it .haha

    It will be 8.4m long and 3.6m wide

    Posts 90x90 Treated pine
    Beam 190x45 Treated pine span 2.8m
    Rafters 120x45 Treated pine span 3.3m to eave 3.6m to external wall @ 600 centres
    Battern 70x 35 @ 900 centres .

    The rafters will be bolted to the existing house rafters @ 3.3m and rest on brick wall at 3.6m They will be connected to the beam with joist hangers .
    battern will be on top of rafters . Roof sheeting will be colourbond .screwed @ 900 centres .
    Does this all sound ok ?
    I have checked the spans with Allan Staines decks & pergolas book and they seem ok .
    Is the next step to draw it up Materials list ,top view, side view ,referrance to span lengths and then get a engineer to sign off on it ?
    Attached image is to give an idea of the proposed design .
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Oh you got to love working with plans so old there in feet and inches .

    Rob j
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