Hey everyone. First time caller. I've got a 8x20 covered patio with a single brick column in the middle. I do not think it is structural, but will not remove it until I am 100% sure. I am able to see the beams from the attic spanning the porch, and I'm 99% certain that span is covered with twin continuous 20' 2x10". There is not a break in either 2x10" over the column, or anywhere else along the 20' span. Additionally, the column is hollow. I think if it was structural, there would likely be something in the middle of the column to bear the load vs relying on the single brick column to support anything. I believe it may on only be there to drop a liquid propane gas line down from the attic. Lastly, the construction at the top of the column suggests it was built after the fascia and soffit were completed, which makes it hard for me to believe that it is structural. See picimg_2025.jpgimg_2024.jpgimg_2037.jpgimg_2032.jpgimg_2017.jpgs. Am I safe to demo? Thanks!