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Weatherboard cost per sq mtr

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    Default Weatherboard cost per sq mtr

    Can someone gibe me a rough idea about the cost for someone to clad a 2 house walls totalling 55 square metres (incl labour and materials).



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    Cobber I see everyone else is too scared of this one so here goes...

    I just recently priced weather boards (as I am low on logs and can't cut them myself until the log fairies send me much more but...) in our area you are looking at $5.75 per lineal metre each board covers 150mm so for your 55square metres allowing for 10% waste look at about 400 lineal metres or $2300 in weatherboards. If doing this kind of work for someone else, I charge $200 per day, but I am not a builder, carpenter or anyone more qualified than a handy man come family helper and owner builder. If everything is ready to go for the cladding to go up and the materials are all on-site, then allow a week of labour, but a second person is required, if that would be yourself, then no need to allow for more $'s. If the wall to be clad is off graound on sumps or on a sloping block then scaffold is needed at around $125 for the week depending upon height.

    So a quick total of that comes to about $3,500 taking into account I am not licensed, just handy at anything timber - not trying to quote for the job though - just trying to give you an idea of somewhere to start.

    I hope this helps you out Cobber, if you where considering it, it is something you can do yourself, or at very least help someone else do it and reduce your costs.
    Always willing to learn

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