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What would a rough estimate be to do a small extension on this floor plan

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    Default What would a rough estimate be to do a small extension on this floor plan

    Recently bought this house. Looking at way to add some living space and convert part of the existing living space into another bedroom.
    The house is brick veneer on a slab. We are considering removing the external walls of the family/kitchen/dining area and pushing it out into the verandah space. With plans to eventually put a new covered deck to extend the remaining way to the edge of the garage.

    The veranda is also part of the main slab so from as far as i can tell there wouldnt need to be any major work on foundations etc.
    Ideally we would have the veneer bricked up to try and match the rest of the house, and the roof tiled to try and keep it consistent. However, we are open to different options. We plan to stay here long term, so we want to be happy with the final product, but at the same time we are budget conscious with this job.

    i would only be paying for the structural work to be done and anything part of the external area. The internal wall and floor lining etc would be completed by myself. There would not be wet areas, plumbing or electrical work required. I am an electrician and would handle that down the track.

    so, with that being said, what sort of dollar figure (Roughly, of course) would we need to come up with to do what we would like to do.

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    There is not much to go on, you actually need to have some idea of slab, exterior skin, roof construction etc to even hazard a guess. Proper drawings and a permit after that, with quoting in the middle. Not that I can help you but some others may be able to punt a guestimate for you. As an electrician you must have a friendly builder somewhere who can help with a broad guess.

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