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would you be an owner builder ?

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    Talking would you be an owner builder ?

    Would you be an owner builder
    1. with your existing skills
    2. doing all work yourself except electrical and plumbing .
    3. you have employment .
    4. with 25% cash on hand ( assume the rest could be borrowed )
    or would you use that 25% cash as a deposit to buy a finished house and spend your spare time in the shed , fishing , visiting friends , doing normal things ?

    Posted by an owner builder of some disrepute

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    Its threads like this that are going around now which make me appreciate this forum for the wealth of information that is available. I have been interested in owner building for a while now with the intention of not so much saving money but having the satisfaction of knowing that I have created a home. I have posted the link below before but like the concept of them building to lock up and then the keys are yours, subcontract the lot of do what you can. It also seems like people on the forum have good things to say about the company. Oh yeah... and I am moving east at the end of the year so I will be in an area they service.

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    Owner - renovator this end.

    1. I said a few months ago that i would never do it , renovate nor build, but experience is a great teacher (ask barry white ) and now knowledge reigns supreme.......so if i found the right place, in the right place for the right price i would probably do it all again.

    2. Not likely, they arent called experts for nothing!! Poor quality is remembered a lot longer than the cheap price......and noticed too.

    3. If your not working, how could you pay for anything?

    4. Depends how much "potential" the place has. If it is a s#33heap in the back blocks i would find a better use for the cash, yet if it were walking distance off the Swan with veiws to die for....well that answers itself doesnt it.

    My point of veiw is that the owner/builder/renovator has 1 thing in their favor....and that is time.
    If you want the job done so you can enjoy your shed or other things then pay someone else......simple.
    If you dont mind a bit of waiting, allowing you to hunt for the best prices, and enjoying the "i built this" feeling....then go for it.
    In the end it all comes down to personal choices but its very rare that one walks into a house and doesnts see something that he/she wouldnt change.
    if you always do as you have always done, you will always get what you have always got

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    It really isn't hard to build a house.

    Where it becomes difficult is when you have time or social constraints. It's not the building, it's getting other people (the banker, the missus, etc.) to leave you alone while you do the building...

    And it's almost guaranteed that you'll go over-time and over-budget... but IMHO the result is worth it. You'll end up with the house that you want, not what someone else wanted but you think you can live with if you change this'n'that.
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    If it's money you want to save or make, then buy a property that has potential for further development (for instance a multi-unit site), get all the approvals, sell, then use the profit to pay someone to build your dream house/renovation while you are on an overseas holiday.


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