Hi all!

Long time lurker, first time poster.

Am looking for some advice about my backyard.
I live in melbourne, and it's one of those backyards that has had dodgy home-renos done, which means we have a whole lot of outbuildings built over the last fifty years. Each panel is a different material, we don't trust the electricty cabling, and to top it all off, there is concrete coating the whole back yard!

My main questions are:

1. I am afraid to tackle the buildings given high chances of asbestos (confirmed in the roof sheeting, haven't checked anywhere else). Can any one recommend someone in Melbourne that would demolish these for us?

2. Concreting. I want to rip this up with a passion, but will have to wait for buildings to come down. Is there any one who would do both jobs, or am I better off getting my partner to get his burly mates over, giving them a jackhammer, sledge and promising them dinner and a slab or two when they're done?

I'm really looking for any advice and especially recommedations...

Thanks in advance!