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best grass cutter cord

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    Default best grass cutter cord

    Hi all,
    I have a talon grass cutter which although is a cheapy has been flawless since I have had it except for one thing, I go through heaps of trimmer cord. Is it the grass cutter itself or is there a good line trimmer cord out there that will last?

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    Hi Dan

    I recently received a free sample of trimmer cord from http://www.rgs.com.au/plp/index.html
    I was logged onto their site and they were offering a free sample which I have received but as yet not tried it.

    They reckoned it was the best cord you could buy but I now can't find it on their website. Seeing you are in Queensland perhaps you could give them a ring and get more info. They have a 1300 number on their home page.
    Regards Bazza

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    I had some GB cord once that had a softer outside & a stiffer core, it lasted quite well & didn't break too much.

    Are you breaking the cord, though, or wearing it out?

    Breaking may indicate you are getting too close to things like fence posts, or "slapping" too much of the line on the path when doing vertical edges, etc. this will be stressing the cord where it exits the eyelets on the head, causing it to fatigue & break there.

    You should aim to use only the last 1 or 1 1/2 inches of the cord when trimming.

    It is fairly common for inexperienced users to go through a lot of line, this is usually down to technique. More practice & paying attention to what the machine is doing will yield dividends.

    The cord can dry out in particularly dry weather or in a hot shed, you can put the roll of line in a bucket of water overnight which can enable the line to re-hydrate (the plastic used is mildly hygroscopic). Some rolls of line contain a sponge that can be wet for the same reason. Wetting line that has dried out like this makes it a little bit softer & more pliable, & less likely to break.

    The line trimmer will typically perform best with the thickness of line that the manufacturer recommends. You will get a bit more durability from thicker line but it robs the machine of power too.

    Speak to contractors to find out what line they like, you will end up with a million opinions though!


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