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How to position a picket fence?

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    Default How to position a picket fence?

    Hi all,

    I want to replace the galvanised fence between by house and my neighbours with a picket fence and was wondering how this type of fence is aligned. Do the centres of the posts go on the property boundry, or the centres of the pickets or is it something else?

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    My neighbour complained when I did a front fence, and placed the end post directly in line with the end posts of the dividing fence. Guess he thought the reasoning was if it is my front fence, then the entire thing should be on my propertly, whereas I reasoned that the end post was mutual, as he could start a front fence starting with the same pole.

    Interested to know what the real ruling is. My solution was telling my neighbour to jamb it up his ####.......and he has never complained since.
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    The face of the post/rail is the propeerty line.ie,behind the picket.If it is a front fence,the whole fence must be on your property.


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