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I need another Mower

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    Default I need another Mower

    I am looking around for another Mower. The Cook says she wants to help me do the yard as it is getting a bit much for me to do alone. She has trouble pulling the current one to start it, thats the only problem she says. A friend of mine bought a Low Compression 4 stroke with a Victa base and a Honda motor on it. She had a go at that one and she can start it no problems. I was thinking of those electric start mowers. Anyone got any opinions and experience with them ? Good or Bad ?


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    I bought one of those low compression ones must be 8yrs ago now ...a victor .....four stroke .....have only changed the plug and blades once .....other than that ...I prime it 8 times as per label on the side ...put the throttle too half way .....and pull the cord ......it has started first time every time since new .......the more bits to fiddle with the more chance of something going wrong I reckon.....besides .....yankin the cord is good for "upper body " developement

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    Hi Neil,

    I have a Rover last of the ones put together in Brisbane 7 years old haven't had to touch it but add some oil really should have a service but why fix something that ain't broke, anyway its got a Briggs and the wife has no problems starting it one pull and off she gos unlike me starting my car and parking you in .

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