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Ideas/advice re improving drainage for sloping side path

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    Default Ideas/advice re improving drainage for sloping side path

    Hi All,

    We had our backyard extensive landscaped last Sept-November (see the relevant lovely before photos!). Unfortunately in first week of December we experienced a once in 20year storm (about 50mm in less than half hour), which washed away many of our newly finished paths and steps, as well as soil and plants. We have slowly been resurrecting it all, and have reached the point where we are about to tackle re-doing our side paths and steps, which suffered rather serious erosion (and the continued wet summer didn't help much!). See after photos.

    We're intending to build in some additional steps as the ones the landscapers put in are a bit on the steep side (and this is our only access point to the backyard - pretty hard going with a full wheelbarrow!!), but in addition we were considering putting a channel drain along the top level (which would help to pick up any run off from the car port in future deluges) and at the bottom of the stairs (just behind where my son is standing in one of the before shots), to each run into the storm water where the downpipes come from the house.

    Do channel drains (have seen some products at you-know-where) sound like the best solution to this scenario, or are there any better ideas out there as to what we could do? Also, we are thinking that we might be best to replace the toppings that were originally used, with something else that will not be so easily washed away, given the significant slope - any suggestions?

    Any advice/thoughts appreciated!

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    I much prefer a 'V' drain, it's all but self cleaning and not all difficult to build, you can even add a grate to cover it and avoid tripping.

    Good luck.
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    looks like deco granite dusted over the surface. I would put in min 100mm of the deco granite (even sprinkle in a couple hanfuls of cement) and compact down with a plate compactor. Won't go anywhere after that. I have a similar path/steps at my place and not a grain has moved throught all the qld rain we've had up here. If you want drainage you could dig a trench beside the stairs, lay down some geo fabric, chuck in an aggi drain, cover with gravel, wrap over with geo fabric and top with coarse river sand.

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