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Innovative use of land

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    Default Innovative use of land

    Have you seen this before, cause I haven't, my local Council utilising the land in a round-a-bout to grow vegatables? I would assume the veggies are given to their local care/aged facilitiies, irrispective I think its very innovative.
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    Very clever if it's the council, though it is possibly the work of local night-time gardeners

    On Gardening Australia at the moment they have been featuring a verge vege patch that is maintained by the families on either side. They got council permission to put it in (times are changing!) and film its progress regularly for weekly segments. There is a park near me that has its gardens planted out with fruit trees- best thing I've ever seen in a park with playground. I think there has been a distinct shift in attitude recently to using public land for growing edibles!

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    Next to our library is a small, narrow vacant block. This has been developed into a vege garden by locals. Great idea. I do wonder tho about eating veges from a roundabout. Car exhaust....

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    Yeah that's that bloke Costa from the gardening show who got that going wasn't it?
    Or he was involved in it anyway.

    I think it's a great idea.
    Brings people together and also teaches kids about growing food and understanding how things work.

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    If only more councils and landscapers could look outside the mundane McRubbish they are pumping out and take things like that as inspiration.

    Great post

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