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paint water feature

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    Default paint water feature

    Hi all

    I have water feature that looks great when it is wet but when the pump is off and it has no water on it, it is a very dull grey colour and now my wife wants me to paint it so it looks glossy all the time

    What would i paint it with to have that shinny look? do i need to put some type of glaze on it?

    I guess it would need to stand up to being in water also

    Any help would be great


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    You'd need to paint it with gloss paint.

    It'd need to be compatible with whatever is on there now, and one that is suitable for continuous exposure to water, such as a speciality pool paint or even marine paint. Personally I'd go with a pool paint as many marine paints have anti fouling additives to kill creepy crawlies, which might be a bit much for a small area like a pond.
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    Flow-coat will work.

    Flow-coat is the stuff you see on fibreglass boat hulls, comes in almost any colour, black is good for this application, often used in small fish ponds, makes the fish and plants stand out but hides the dirt.

    The finish is very hard and shiny.

    Available in some paint specialist outlets or online from FGI (Fibre Glass Industries).

    Good luck.
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