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Replacing old garage doors with Colorbond fence

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    Default Replacing old garage doors with Colorbond fence


    We have a massive garage in out back yard. It's very old and has room for 3 cars. We haven't been able to use is for off street parking because all of the doors are in such bad shape that they've had to be bolted to the garage frame (presumably to stop them falling off). The garage doors (6 of them) form part of the rear boundary.

    We want to replace the shed by first replacing the doors with a Colorbond fence plus new gates. The plan is to then dismantle the shed.

    So far we've sourced the fence supplies. I've located a place that hires acrow props; we need these because there are wooden posts (part of the garage) that need to come out to make way for the new fence.

    I keep telling myself nothing could be simpler. Nonetheless I keep worrying. I don't want to find myself faffing around on the day because I've overlooked something.

    I'm thinking of hiring something to drill the post holes. I'd like to use at least one of the existing post holes but don't think I should rely on them. I may need to go through a flagstone

    Also, I may have to cut at least one panel of fencing - I'll try and avoid it if I can. What do people use that doesn't damage the fence panel? Is there something I can hire?

    I'd appreciate any hints/insights/etc to help make this as smooth a job as possible.


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    Hi Mate


    I am a bit confused form your post. Is the whole shed going completely and a new one being built?

    Or is it coming down and not being replaced and you just want to put up a new fence once its down?

    If its the latter then I would hire a couple of fence security panels from a hire place and put them in place when required while you pull down the old shed.

    How are you planning on pulling it down and disposing of the materials?

    As for the post holes - how many, how deep and what kind of ground do you have?

    PS. Photos are good!
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