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a retic learner

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    Default a retic learner

    a real basic question
    i want to extend my existing retic, im gonna block off some useless popups and put some geared drive sprinklers in. to extend the piping do i need to saw the existing pipes to turn, say, an elbow into a t junction or should the pipes come out of those joins with force

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    not exactly clear on whats happening but make sure you dont have too many gear drives on the 1 station as they require more water and may be too low in pressure if there are too many. To block off the old pop ups either remove and replace with the threaded t's, or if the new gear drives are going in another location make a straight through join where the old pop up was.

    Try to limit your elbows and bends where possible as they cause more friction and lower water pressure
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    You will need to cut out the old fitting and and replace it with the new one. You will need to extend the pipe as it will now be too short. If you can't spring the pipe into the new fitting there is and expansion joiner that is fantastic, if a little expensive

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