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Road base for Driveway and carpark

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    Default Road base for Driveway and carpark

    As mentioned in other posts ive bought a house that im going to turn into my
    work premises

    i need to have 2 car spaces so im planing on pulling up the front lawn whats left of it
    and putting down 100mm thick road base

    Ive been advised to mix 2 bags of concrete per ton of road base
    compact and then wet so to harden

    is road base the best for this application or is there something better
    ive thought about asphalt but they have all been around $5000 for the job

    as for drainage im not to concerned as the soil is just sand

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    given where you are...the local road base would be fine. Just placed it and compact it. We had a driveway and parking area made of it on a block of low ground close to Tuggerah Lake - worked a treat and survived a couple of floods no worries.

    Never heard of mixing cement with it (you can't buy concrete in a bag - only cement with sand and stones in it!!) though....and if it's over a soft substrate then it'll crack anyway.

    If you can source some reclaimed asphalt (which is available in your part of the world) from roadworks to place over the top (about 25 -50mm) and roll again....you'll have a nearly bullet proof car park.
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