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Water feature

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    Default Water feature

    Hi there,

    first of all, I am really glad that I found this forum, I have read a lot of helpful stuff.
    I am about to freshen up the look of my backyard by building a water feature like this:
    Maher Residence Back

    Since you have to somehow build a base for it, what materials should I use? Will a timber frame cladded with cement sheeting and tiles be strong enough? Or do I have use concrete or bricks? And how about waterproofing, what do I have to consider?

    Thanks in advance for every response.



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    Default Pool Fence?

    I would check the regulations about pool fences before I did anything else.

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    Looks an expensive project.

    I also put in a water feature 12 months ago , not on the grand scale as yours.

    largest Bunnings terracotta pot $35 , ebay solar fountain from China , $12 delivered from memory.
    Silicon up the hole after running solar fountain through it , small 500ml tin of pond dealer (light blue) $15.00
    Fountain still working after 12 months , gives a nice water trickle sound during sunlight hours.

    Did contemplate putting in a solar filter so I could add some fish and have less work to clean up their mess but
    this would have required work having to feed them constantly.

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    Fencing will depend on the location and total depth of the water, some councils allow no fence if depth is less than 300 mm.

    Blocks are the simple and fast way to construct this type of feature, rendered finish inside and out will make waterproofing easier.

    Start with a compacted layer of cracker dust. Fine gravel made damp and compacted.

    It helps if you dry lay the blocks and steps first to get a full view of what you want to end up with.

    Seal any plumbing through the blocks with a sealant other than Silicon, so you can add more if needed later.

    Try to incorporate a drain for the pool if you don't own a pump.

    Make sure you have good drainage for the heavy rain fall events, nothing worse than paddling in the kitchen.

    Darker colours will get very hot in full sun, so think about shading or lighter colours.

    Good luck.
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