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Designer studio shed...

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    Default Designer studio shed...

    I was asking some questions in another thread about transforming a shipping container for use as a studio in my back yard. But, looks like a lot of trouble and expense.

    So, I kind of want to build something - structural pine, hardie cladding, colourbond roof, and a nice big glass panel or two - around 2.5m x 6m x 2.4m. Has anyone had any experience with getting approval on this kind of structure in Canberra? Or am I better off just buying a shed that is basically the right size and shape and then modifying it to meet my needs?

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    Not sure about ACT regulations but here in Brisbane and I have seen in other forums about other areas, you can usually build a 3mx3m shed without approval as long as it is 0.6m from boundary.

    This is to cover most garden sheds. Anything larger than this will need Council approval.
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    Ross, I think you made the right decision to move on from the shipping container idea. Besides the cost issues, shipping containers also look crap.

    Am not familiar with Canberra planning rules, but ACT generally seems to have more rules than most places. In Hobart, it is effectively mandatory that you have your building plans drawn professionally, otherwise the council planners will nitpick them to death - an architectural draftsman will draw them to comply with the rules.

    Depending on the space you have available, you might like to do some estimates at different size extensions. A slightly wider studio can give you a lot more room at not much more cost.

    Good Luck


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    This story was in the general woodwork forums on the other WWF .

    Again look into your local laws or contact the guys direct they may be able to advise.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Dunn View Post
    Here's a story from one of our local newspapers that I thought might interest fellow woodworkers:


    Old portable classrooms ... more space than a garage, more light than a garage, pre-wired for electricity, looks like a good option to me.

    The woman in the story who bought one as a studio apparently paid around $3500, delivered and installed.
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    ACT rules are easy to find - go to the ACTPLA site: http://www.actpla.act.gov.au/ and especially read: http://www.actpla.act.gov.au/topics/...open_on_1_side

    Note the 10a limits based on block size.

    Best option for you will be to work out the best site on your block then shop around (plenty online with pics) for a steel shed that suits you and then get a couple of quotes for supply and install (most will do the lot including any approvals, but you need to make sure that you get all the things you want that will cost more to retrofit such as power & lighting).

    How much trouble is the approval is totally site dependent - if it is a straight 10a structure that meets the guidelines then you just choose, buy and get it erected. If it requires design & siting approval then same website, but needs more work, submitted plans and so on - often the shed company can still do this for you, but time and costs increase of course. Note too that neighbours (on all boundaries of your block - and not just adjacent) can be troublesome if you do not be sensitive in doing the planning & siting (and keeping them in the loop).

    Once you have the shed fit it out to use it as you want - ie: insulate and line the walls & ceilings, cover the floor etc.

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