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Garage with Attic (or Garage plans)?

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    Default Garage with Attic (or Garage plans)?

    I'm just starting the process of planning for a garage. Before talking to a drafter/architect just wondering if anyone has any garage plans?

    I'm planning on something approx 4mtrs wide and 7mtrs long with 3mtr high walls (to match the house and max allowed by council - against a boundry fence), with a high pitch roof (again to match the house). Given the high was hoping to have some kind of Attic, so the top area could be used for storage and an office - which should be each given the high.

    Has anyone here done anything similar?.

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    There is a shed place near you on the princess highway near the off ramp for werribee that has the style of shed you are asking about.
    They may have off the shelf plans that you can present to the council to make the jobe easier.

    If not I am sure they can adapt to what you need.
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    Unless your vertically challenged to a great degree, 3m wall height will be a bit cramped. You need to allow for 250mm min for the upper floor. Allowing for 1.8m below, plus floor height, you will have less than a metre clearance at the walls and the roof framing will eat into that too. Roof would be pretty steep to give a 2m wide strip with 1.8 clearance below the roof frames. You also need to fit stairs in to get up there, unless you plan to do that directly from the house some how.

    I have an american barn in Croydon 16m x 12m with 4.3 sides and 5.5 centre walls. This is to be fitted with mezanines along each side, 2.4 clear on one side (drive trough to back yard) leaving about 1.5 clear (at side wall) above for storage, and 2.1 clear along other side leaving 1.8 clear (at side wall) for office/electronics workshop and lounge area.

    Keeping centre bay clear to roof (6.2m on centreline) to store and fit out motor home plus install a 2 post car hoist. Rear centre bay and non drive through side bay are committed for metal and wood shops with 3m ceiling. Engine/transmission building room above in centre bay, storage above in side bay.

    30 year old electric fork on hand to move stuff up to storage bays, only stuff on floor will fork, registered vehicles and current project vehicle, plus machinery and projects in the two shops. Mowers, trailers, parts etc all up in the sky.

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    If you're allowed to build on the boundary, then the wall would probably have to be fire rated, with no windows, and it would probably have to extend above the roof line, with a box gutter behind it if necessary.

    Depending on the pitch (Do you know what it is?), as malb says, it may be too cramped with only 4 metres width. You could add a big dormer window (or two) which can add a lot of headroom.
    Cheers, John

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