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Which plywood?

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    Default Which plywood?

    I'm building a shelter shed and need to give the frame some additional bracing which I plan to do in the form of plywood lining inside. My local timber yard sells a vast array of ply, just wondering do I need to use structural ply or will bracing ply be more suited? I'm assuming bracing ply would be cheaper than structural? Here are the options:

    Plywood Bracing
    building_materials.ews | PROVANS TIMBER

    Plywood Structural
    building_materials.ews | PROVANS TIMBER

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    i'd use whichevers the cheapest, but would use one that is thick enough that you can screw tools etc to it, no need to line the whole inside, 2 or 3 sheets will do it.
    Alternatively, if its a small shed, use temporary bracing until you have the cladding on then remove it, roof sheets will also add a degree of bracing too. Add additional bracing inside after, if it needs it.
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