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Shed base/platform - mould concerns

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    Default Shed base/platform - mould concerns

    Hi everyone,

    I've got a tiny back yard in a house I've just moved into, so I'm just putting up a temporary metal shed to store most of my tools until I get the chance to build a proper one. Whole area is unevenly paved so I've built a wood platform to put the thing on to keep things level. The platform is maybe 10mm wider on each side than the shed itself, which means water ingress is an issue. If water seeps into the MDF/plywood substrate I'm going to get mould. Unfortunately I had a friend have this same issue recently.

    Does anyone know a good way to seal this? Should I just cover the whole thing in epoxy or paint? Or will flashing be necessary?

    Any help would be much appreciated!


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    Have the floor cut in, so the shed walls sit in a rebate on the frame.
    Also install metal or pvc flashing in the rebate to keep water from the flooring, however some will still get in as you cannot run run the flashing higher up the wall at the doorways.

    A timber platform will always have this issue with cheap sheds, solution is non timber floor sheet or concrete slab.

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    what size is it at the base?

    Could throw down some pavers on a compacted sand base. Is temporary enough to easily rip up.
    bead of silicone around the base should keep most of the water out for this temp arrangement.

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    go buy a roll of damp course flashing and attach it to the inside of your shed and run it over the outside of the platform

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