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slab for new build...can i use for a shed?

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    Default slab for new build...can i use for a shed?

    G'day all.
    Is it feasable to use a slab designed for a new dwelling as a shed floor for ~ 5years.
    I need a shed now, but am thinking of having the 'real' slab for a new build dwelling drawn up/ poured and using that as a shed floor until we are ready to build rest of house~5 years. ICF owner build is the plan.
    We live in existing house on the block, plenty of room.
    I realise that it will cost a lot more to pour the house slab/under floor heating/plumbing,etc.... but can't put shed in its intended position until old house is demolished.

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    I see no problem at all with that. Just make sure the slab is fully engineered, inspected and signed off by the engineer so there is no drama come building time. I suspect that you may need your house plans done for the engineer to design the slab though.

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    Yes but as Ringtail said you have to know the dimensions of the shed (I asume a large one) so that piers can be included, if it's a garden shed then no problems at all.

    By the way most underfloor heating is done on top of the slab and under the tiles, more efficient and less expensive.

    Good luck.
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    Shed is not 'necessarily' going to be as big as (raft) slab. Was thinking of a proprietary bought 'shed', sat on top of slab. anchor the c section spans/uprights with welded bases/loxons???? Remove shed when it is time to build and sell for 2/5 of 5/8 of FA.
    It is just a feasability study at prez'.
    My wife hates idea of any shed..but likes her one off furniture pieces.....

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