Hi all

House is back to stud frame and I wanted to put up gyprock sheeting myself. Wasn't sure how to frame and plaster around the built in cupboards in each bedroom. My wife says she wants floor to ceiling doors and no wasted bulk head area. All cupboards will be inserts and we (she) wants full length sliding doors. No problem I said (knowing I would have to ask the brains trust here for advice)....

Floor to ceiling is 2.4m. I will use blocking at top and bottom to make it easier to fix cupboard inserts to. however tricky part in my mind is the sliding doors. Could I simply screw top track to ceiling plasterboard? There will be a hanging joist right above the track so I wouldn't think strength would be an issue. This would make doing the ceiling sheeting a lot easier. Or do I still need some kind of timber trimmer above the track but under the plasterboard? Last option - could the track be attached, with trim as required, against the hanging joists so it is flush with the plasterboard and plaster around it?

Thanks for assistance with the above. Also grateful if you could let me know if there are any good websites or DIY diagrams or products etc that could assist?

cheers Shawn