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Bifold doors; Red Cedar or Maple

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    Smile Bifold doors; Red Cedar or Maple

    Greeting all,
    I am about to order my 5 leaf bifold door for the back of the house, opening onto a covered deck. The guy in the shop will do Maple for $3800, or Cedar for $4800. He says if the deck is going to be covered and the doors will receive little exposure to the rain, then the maple will be fine!
    Would love to know if you guys agree?
    What other questions do I need to ask this guy before i part with my money??
    Thanks in advance

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    quite a few of the bigger window companies such as stegbar and airlite wont use maple (aka meranti) for their products anymore as they were constantly getting claims for bowed windows and doors..

    if they are out of the sun and rain and painted/ sealed will be no problems though

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    If your planing on getting some Bi-Folds have you thought about doing them from re-cycled timber? I do know of one company that makes Bi-Fold doors from recycled timber which when done right they look absolutely stunning! here is the link to the web page http://www.woodntitbenice.com/

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