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    Default curtain rail

    Hi All, another question if I uninstall onen of these http://www.bigw.com.au/home-garden/d...FVCBpAodrnbbCQ.. will I be able reuse the exisitng holes to screw in another set of these wood curtain rail Will it be safe to do so?(the wind velocity is quite strong in some parts of the place, and don't want the curtain rail to fall on peoples head when the curtain is opened up) Or do you recommend I drill another set of holes? I want minimise drilling off holes in the wall.

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    The links are not working for me.

    Depends how the rails were installed.
    I have just installed spotlights wood curtain rails but installed the
    rail, brackets inline with the side of the window so was able to screw
    into the side wooden supports.
    You may also be able to use the top window lintel depending how long and wide.
    A good stud finder might be the best.

    The wooden brackets do come with a wall plug but looked very weak, I did
    not like them so decided to install as above.

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