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    Default Door Clear Finish

    We are replacing our interior doors (bedrooms and bathroom) with American oak 4-panel doors. They are currently raw and I was seeking recommendations for a good clear finish?

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    If I had to do this today I would probably still use Estapol that I started using 50 years ago when it was a floor paint.

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    I would choose a Hardwax oil, these are very tough and hardwearing, easy to initially apply, and easy to touch / freshen up if damaged, give a faultless finish, apply with a white non scratch pad, use very sparingly as too much will not cure properly.
    Apply with the pad, let sit for about ten minutes, then rub off excess with a soft lint free cloth.

    They don't require, sanding off for any future coatings, they don't change the look of the timber.

    Bunnings used to sell one branded in the Kaboodle range, not sure if they still sell it, it was a very good product.

    Just don't use the OSMO branded product as I had a lot of trouble with this brand.



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    I would use a non-yellowing satin water based varnish. Before doing the whole door try sampling an inconspicuous area like the hinge edge that can be easily sanded off.

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