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Door frame out of square

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    Default Door frame out of square

    I am making some timber screen doors for the double front door. The frame is out of square by 10mm top and bottom (width) ie 5mm per door.

    Do I make the doors to fit or make then square and plane down to fit?
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    Probably doesn't matter which way you do it.

    It depends what sort of corners the new door has i.e. mitre or butt joints. Also depends how wide the frame is on the screen door. If you shave 5mm off, will you notice it?

    It might be easier to make a square door and then shave.
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    Why don't you trim one side (or both sides, but if 10mm to 5mm one would be easier) of the frame square by adding a suitable tapered timber strip then make square doors to fit the newly squared opening . . . that's what I'd do . . .
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