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Double Glazing Two Storey Home recommendations

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    Default Double Glazing Two Storey Home recommendations

    Hello everyone

    first time post
    My wife and myself have been looking into changing 30 odd years old single pane aluminium windows in our home to double glazed units
    we are from melbourne SE suburbs and we've been gathering some quotes based on reviews and recommendations seen on the web/forums
    so far we have gotten quotes for
    aluminium windows from Trend roughly $36000 but there are alot of exclusions listed ( haven't had them out for proper measure/quote > quote was based on measurement from other companies that came out to quote)
    uPVC from weatherall $56000
    uPVC from Nu-eco $52000

    condensations and window seal paint damage due to moisture as well as heat retention has been quite an issue for last two years we have been living in this home
    so Double glazing seems to be the way to go

    before we go further with research/quotes we thought it would be best to ask
    could anyone recommend based on their own research /experience best company around the melbourne or options of importing chinese windows? and having them installed locally?
    if possible if someone can give quote comparisons they've had also we would much appreciate it.

    thank you


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    I recommend Blue Sky Windows based in Braeside. I got three windows from them about three years ago and have been very happy.

    A family run operation. Nice people and a great price.

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    Wow, that's quite a lot of money.

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    How many windows is this for, if you don't my asking?

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