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    Default External doors

    Hi all.

    We need to replace 2 doors that lead directly outside and two that lead to the garage. All 4 should therefore be installed with security in mind.

    When buying these doors, what should I bear in mind? Do the width of doors differ? What about the height? or are there standard sizes?

    What's a dead lock? and does anyone have any brands they recommend?

    Do doors always come without locks? and if so, are they easy to instal? adn again: are they standard in size?

    Thanks ... sorry for all the questions?!!

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    a standard door height is 2040mm and the most common widths are 720mm or 820mm

    you will need solid core doors check out the corinthian or hume doors internet sites they have their products on their, and you can by them through any builders supplier

    doors come blank you will have to supply hardware i would recommend gainsborough tri-lock lever handles and 100mm s/s hinges

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    First of all you need to buy solid external doors which are much more than what is called a hollow core door which should only be used internally. Doors do not come with the doors so you have to purchase the separately. There are a couple of good brands of deadlocks being Yale and Lockwood.

    When you buy these you want to get them all keyed alike so that the one key will fit all the locks.

    If you aren't handy it maybe worth getting a quote from someone like this http://www.doorsplus.com.au/
    Regards Bazza

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    Quote Originally Posted by sports fan View Post
    a standard door height is 2040mm and the most common widths are 720mm or 820mm...................
    Unless you're in a masonry block house in which case it will be 2000 x 805.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barry_White View Post
    If you aren't handy it maybe worth getting a quote from someone like this http://www.doorsplus.com.au/
    We purchased 2 sets of bi-fold doors from this company and had nothing but trouble. We needed 8 doors, and because of such poor quality ended up picking out the best 8 from a total offering of 16 doors. Still ended up with the majority containing some kind of defect. Then they came around and did the install because I didn't know how to do it. After watching the mess the carpenter made of the install I would have been better off doing it myself as I probably couldn't have done any worse. Whilst the salesperson was great and the company has a decent name we were totally let down by extremely poor workmanship and quality control at the factory level.

    Personally I would go for a Hume or Corinthian door next time due to better quality construction and finish, and they provide a more professional service.

    If price is an issue then Doors Plus do have a good range just make sure the door you pick is the one they deliver and if it is marked in any way do not accept it, send it back and ask for another one.

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    Be aware with deadbolts that it is a good idea to look at ones that allow you to exit in a hurry if there is a fire, or don't lock them while you are in the house. I'm not that partial to Gainsbourgh. Remember, you get what you pay for.

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