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fixing timber door frame to external double brick wall

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    Default fixing timber door frame to external double brick wall

    I'm about to remove a window from and external double brick wall and replace it with a timber door frame. It will eventually accomodate 2 doors. My problem is how to fix the door frame and hide the holes required to hole it in place. I'm using jarrah 180x40mm and will be puting a clear varnish on. Therefore I can't make big holes for dyna bolts or coach screws as the holes can't be easily covered. I was hoping a few 100mm nailes into plastic spagetti or something like that. Placky and paint would be a good solution but I want it left so the natural grain is visible. I presume fixing will be required both sides of the cavity.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    There are a few methods you could use Greg.
    Fixing to the inside skin will be sufficient.
    Either spag.into the ends of the bricks or timber wedges in the mortar joint. 3 or better still 4 either side.
    An alternative although harder to execute is to toothe out the mortar joints both sides, fit brick ties to the jamb & slide it in. Inject chemset or similar & then repoint the joint on the internal face.
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    gauge a line on the jamb the depth of the door (ie: where the back of the door will end) this is where the door stop will sit if it's a seperate component. If you're using say 30 x 12 you've got 30mm in which to place your fixings so that they will be hidden by the stop. If it's a one piece jamb and stop then you'll need to counterbore your fixings and get yourself a plug cutter to make some plugs to fill the counterbores with. Once glued in place with the grain orientated you'll hardly see them.

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