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G'day mate learner renovator.

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    Question G'day mate learner renovator.

    I am finishing the renovations on my very small house since my husband died. I have bought a drop mitre saw and am currently cutting mitres in my skirting boards. I have that skill now but have absolutely no idea how to join them together. Can anyone explain the procedure for me please?

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    Default The skirting challenge

    Hi hazelk
    You don't actually join the two lengths together, rather just affix to the wall in the correct position, with perhaps a small brad across the join horizontally about a third of the way down the depth of the skirt to stop them drifting apart, much like a door architrave. I also used just a touch of liquid nails on the two touching surfaces.
    However don't fall into the tap I did on my first run of skirting. The "internal" corners are not mitred rather they are scribed so one fits up to the other.
    This is because the internal corner is never, ever a proper right angle, and if the walls are plastered there is the rounded corner to deal with which is easiest if you can just "knock" the back off one of the lengths. If this is not plain, perhaps one of the finishing chippys' hereon may be able to explain better...or I could do you a drawing.


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    This old thread (with replies by a few old members) might help... http://www.renovateforum.com/f203/wh...d-joint-94654/
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