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Glazing new wood framed entryway

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    Default Glazing new wood framed entryway

    G'day all,

    We've just had a new entryway/front door put in the front extension. This is one of those huge 6m high entries with glass all around the front door and an arch in the top panes. There are 24 glass panes in all. Got some quotes and found out that'd I'd save about $800 if I put them in myself. There was another place that quoted less for labour but more for glass. So I'm having the glass cut to my templates and installing it myself.

    Only problem is I'm not too sure how to go about it, I've done a few windows with putty before (once had to spend 10 minutes trying to explain what a glaziers point (or push point) is to the idiot at bunnies, who swore that such a thing didn't exist) . Anyway, the frames are western red cedar, with a rebate for the glass and some WRC beading. The glass fits from the inside and the beading goes on the inside.

    So how do I seal it? I've had a bit of a look through the archives and it seems that silicone is the go. But, do I put it on both sides of the glass - some in the rebate, glass in, then some where the beading goes? Seems like overkill to me, would just one thin bead of silicone around the rebate, bung in the glass and nail on the beading be enough?

    The easiest way to get a good result is what I'm after, 'cause I'll be standing on a 6m extension ladder when I do the top section, luckily they're all pretty small panes.


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    Silicone bead at back of rebate, put way gun. Fit glass into space, nail in beading strips, no silicone between bead and glass. But I'm no glazier either, just followed whats been done previously.

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    Ever so slightly off topic. I'd suggest you switch your deadbolt to keyed inside and out. It's just too easy to break the adjoining glass for free access to the house otherwise.

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